The Time Capsule

Time Capsule

The Time Capsule is a way to send messages from yourself now, to either family & friends or even to yourself in the future...

Simply add your message and select how long in the future you would like it to be sent, with a minimum period of 10 years then press send and it's on it's way.

However beware.... You can only do this once per year in your account and you can not edit or change your message once it has gone

For Silver account holders and above, you can schedule 1 email each year to be delivered a minimum of 10 years into the future to either a family member or a friend or back to yourself which can be great fun to look back on how you felt at the time of writing.

You may want to just describe your hopes and ambitions in life then in years to come find out if you actually achieved your goals, or maybe just describe how your feeling at the time to look back on in the future.

You may be in a hospice and know that you don't have long left perhaps so you could schedule your message to go on a specific date in a specific year maybe what would have been say a 50th anniversary or a child's 21st.

You may have changed partners, you may just be leaving home, you may be a teenager with hopes and ambitions for the future, you can see how well you did and set your goals for the next 10 years, and in a long time to come generations of your family will be able to look back at your life ( if you give permission ) when you are no longer here..

Enjoy writing your first message but we advise not to write any messages if you are not in a good positive mood, as you can't turn back the clock once it has been posted.

If you have a Gold Account you can also upload images and video clips to add to your Alf time capsule letter.

These could include things such as:

  • Pictures of yourself
  • Videos of yourself
  • Videos of you or a new baby or a recent trip
  • Pictures of your best friend at the time
  • Newspaper cuttings to remind you of what's going on at the time or news screen shots
  • Scans of tickets of concerts or festivals that you may be attending or pictures from the event
  • Pictures of your home or your bedroom
  • Pictures of your favourite item of the time, maybe a new car you have just bought
  • Any certificates you may have just received or earned
  • Inside your school or workplace
  • Your pet, as they may not be here when you get this message, so maybe some video.
  • Perhaps pictures with an elderly family member or friend who may not be here when you get this message.
  • We shall re-instate the facility to add gifts again in late summer 2020, after the Coronavirus situation has cleared


Whatever you decide to add, have fun with it and you then have something to look forward to in the future or the recipient does

and remember..

"when it's gone it's gone "