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This is a special account limited offer for people directly working with or affected by the Coronavirus, this could be someone who manufactures for hospitals, supermarket checkout staff, refuse collectors, garages, public transport workers etc. (See also our special account for Doctors and Nurses).


Our Free account is available to anyone to join, and keyworkers can also take advantage of this massive discount on our bronze account

The voucher below gives you 75% discount on our Bronze account allowing you to send up to 50 messages to family and friends to be delivered in the future.

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We shall require verification that you are a keyworker by way of ID Badges and/or documents such as payslips from your employer.



Bronze Plan

Bronze Plan

  • 50 Emails
Duration: 365 days
Price: £9.95
Silver Plan

Silver Plan

  • 75 Emails  
  • 10 Letters
  • Ideal Family Account
  • Time capsule
  • Our Most Popular Account
  • Very Low Cost Annual Subscription
Duration: 365 days
Price: £19.95
Gold Plan


  • 100 Emails
  • 20 Letters
  • Time Capsule
  • Funeral Planner
  • 1 Parcel/Gift ( can buy more )
  • Price is Per year


Duration: 365 days
Price: £39.95

Please note: Abuse of this form will result in your acount being deleted and terminated.

Before You Save

Stuck for ideas what to write?

See our inspirations page to get some ideas before you start.

Some things to consider before you submit your message:

  • The person you are writing to could also have passed away if they are elderly so dont set the delivery time too late
  • A partner could have found someone new if it is some time since you passed away, wish them well in their new life.
  • You may have grandchildren that you never met, tell them about your life and what you did.
  • Be wary of telling too many secrets, some things should just stay with you so not to upest peoples perceptions of you.
  • Focus on happy times and remind people of all the fond memories that you have and the things that you used to laugh about.
  • Tell them if they never got chance to say goodbye that there was no need because you knew what they would say anyway.
  • Give your children moral support by telling them your values in life from your experience