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Our News Section is updated each month with latest news and events to keep it fresh at all times so do call back regular to find out whats going on.


Grieving Time

Obviously at the moment there are difficult times for millions of peope and greiving is an inevitable but neccessary process, that is why we just want to remind people that ALF is about the times in years ahead and NOT the present, which is why we never allow any letters or messages to be sent in the 1st twelve months following a persons death. But we hope that by people leaving messages for the future it will just bring a bit of joy to to their loved ones in years to come once the greving process is over, and when we say over we don't mean forgotten.


Coming Soon

This month for May 2020 we have our developers starting work on a new range of cards to add to ALF, traditionally ALF has always been about the actuall messages and not a collection of images, it is your own words that will touch peoples hearts and not an accumulation of E-cards. However people have asked for some more choices so we shal be adding some more to the collection including a humour section also which should be interesting... if you are easily offended then this section may not be for you.

We also have quite a few other exciting addons and apps that are coming along in due course that will further enhance your experience on ALF.


 Community Section

Our new community section as mentioned previously is chugging along nicely and once this goes live hopefully in the summer you will be able to create your own facebook groups for you and your family and close friends which will be private for you to share things without the worry of keyboard warriors or being offended.
There will be public groups as well which will be themed so you can meet people who have similar interests, i.e. sports, football, horses, cars, motorbikes, boats etc and you will be able to connect and make new friends to share information.

There will also be a business section for people looking to connect on a business level and businesses will be able to advertise as well.


As Always, stay safe and healthy