Below are some typical examples to show the benefit of using

Alf The Mailman

Saving you time spent online - reducing your carbon footprint

Saving you time spent online - reducing your carbon footprint

The best way to get the latest information and offers

The best way to get the latest information and offers

Designed with the new generation of owners, charter guests and clients in mind

Designed with the new generation of owners, charter guests and clients in mind

A bespoke system for anyone in the boat industry

A bespoke system for anyone in the boat industry

No more wasted hours spent browsing online, reducing your carbon footprint.

Re-writing the way you do business

making it easier, faster and more efficient

View some of our typical scenarios below to see how it works

Changing the way we do business with - A Letter From the Mailman

Who's it for?

  • Buyers and sellers of yachts & boats
  • HNWI and Wealthy Clients
  • Charter guest looking for yacht charter deals
  • Yacht Brokers
  • Shipbuilders
  • Captains and crew
  • Suppliers, provisioning and bunkering
  • Yacht & Fleet Management companies
  • Charter Agents
  • Yacht owners
  • Yacht Furnishings
  • Yacht toys and tender suppliers
  • Yacht maintenance and refits
  • Recruitment Agencies
  • Finance and Insurance
  • Marinas
  • Boat Show and event organisers
  • Navigation and Radar equipment
  • Drone and onboard IT
  • Engine manufacturers
  • MLS and Software providers
  • Marine Equipment
  • Yacht & Boat Clubs


Boat Charter Guest Example: -

Let's say you are a charter guest and you are looking for a 2-week yacht charter on the Amalfi Coast.

The Traditional Way:
Normally you may have spent time searching the internet for different options and any offers available and visiting a number of charter agent websites and signing up to their newsletters and when you do so, you are providing all your personal information to each one every time. The charter agent can then send you marketing emails, some of which may just be general information about charters and the services that they offer, so it is not always pertinent to what you are looking for.

The New Alf the Mailman Way:
First, you sign up with us and you get your account approved, so then the charter agents and brokers know they will only be marketing to genuine clients/guests and HNWI. You only sign up once so you are not providing your data to multiple charter agents, you can also choose with some accounts, to have your data stored offline so it is 100% safe and secure and you will be provided with a unique user ID.
You can also on these accounts choose to remain anonymous so when you communicate with charter agents or brokers your personal details are still safe so they cannot message you directly without your permission, so no unwanted spam email.
Once your account is approved and activated, you can view all the mail lists that you can subscribe to such as "yacht charters in Mallorca", "yacht charters in Antibes". or "yacht charters on the Amalfi Coast".
So for example you can just subscribe to the list for "yacht charters on the Amalfi Coast".
Once you are subscribed to this list, the charter agents can only send you information about "yacht charters on the Amalfi Coast", they are not permitted to post to this mail list any other information about anything else or they risk losing their account. Paid members can also have the option to exclude advertising in emails. This means that you only get information what you requested and nothing else, which makes it perfect for you, as you then know there is no spam, it's also perfect for the charter agent as they know they are sending information directly to clients who are specifically interested in "yacht charters on the Amalfi Coast".
You're in Control: The agents who market to the list can also remain anonymous if they so wish, so they can send special offers and deals without disclosing who they are, so both parties are assured of 100% discretion until they choose a time to disclose details to each other perhaps when a deal has been provisionally agreed.
You can subscribe and unsubscribe to any of the mail lists whenever and as often as you like, your membership with us remains active so you can just drop in and out when you choose.
Saving you time: Using ALF the Mailman will save you hours of trawling the internet looking for the best charter deals, so you more free time to get on with your life plus reducing your carbon footprint with less time online.
You can also choose to only receive information from brokers who are members of yacht charter associations if you wish, giving you the confidence that they adhere to strict codes of conduct.

More choice: There is also a choice of mail lists with filters that you can subscribe to, so you may wish to subscribe to them by destination or area, by price, by size of yacht, by last minute offers etc. so you can really narrow down your search parameters, again saving you even more time.
For additional security and discretion, we can provide you with a unique email address @ superyacht mailman, and you can pick up from this email box or it can be forwarded to an email address of your choice.
You can choose how you would like to receive your notifications from the charter agents & brokers, either via the *App, by email, by text or by all methods if you choose.
This means that when an agent posts a special offer live, that you get an instant notification sent to you directly, be sure to book quickly though as other interested members could also receive the same message.


Charter Agent, Yacht Broker, Shipbuilder Example

All Agents, brokers and shipbuilders can apply for membership and some may be invited.

Sign up: Choose the account type and level that best suits your business and enter your business details, our team will then verify and setup your account ready for you to start using ALF the Mailman.

Summary: ALF the Mailman is like a global mailing list, however whereby traditionally users would have visited your website and signed up to your newsletters, by signing up just once with us we save the them the hassle of having to sign up to multiple websites lists and they just subscribe to one list with us and request only the information that they are interested in.
This means that not only can your current clients sign up to our list it also means that your competitors clients can also join, but don't worry we have tools in place to help you with client retention.
So what you have now is a mailing list that could be tenfold the size of your own mail list, just how valuable and powerful is that?

Route to Market: So let's say for example a user signs up to the list for information on "yachts for sale between 10-15 meters LOA", this means that if you are a broker or a shipbuilder who has a yacht come up for sale that matches that specific criteria, you can send a promotional message to the subscribers on that list with details of your yacht.
You cannot however send them any other information, say on yachts above 15m because they have not requested that, so the user only receives pertinent information on exactly what they are interested in. You also have the knowledge that you are sending information to a list of verified members that are expressing an interest in yachts 10-15m LOA.

Messages can be sent via the *APP, text and by email so subscribers get the information instantly.

Stealth Mode

Discretion and Off Market sales: Both you and the subscribers to mail lists can choose to be anonymous, so the messages you send while still remaining pertinent, they can be discreet so you do not need to disclose who the seller is until such time you are ready. The potential buyer can also remain discreet making the ALF the Mailman stealth system the perfect system for Off Market sales.


Captains & Crew, Recruitment Example

A fast and efficient way to reach out to new staff & recruitment teams

The heartbeat of any yacht is the captain and with ALF the Mailman we hope to alleviate some of your crewing and supply issues.

A typical example could be, you are just about to leave for a charter with guests arriving soon and a senior member of your crew maybe the chef or chief stew is taken ill or is unavailable.

What do you do? Typically you would perhaps pick up the phone and call a recruitment agency who then in turn starts ringing round for staff and frantically sending out emails and texts.
Using ALF the Mailman, you can instantly post a message to the verified Crew mail list which will be delivered to all the subscribers instantly by the *App, email and/or text.
Putting you in touch instantly with all the subscribers who have been checked and approved to ensure they have the correct documents to enable them to subscribe to the crew emergency list.

Both parties can remain anonymous if you wish and disclose to each other when you are ready so you do not need to give away any details of which yacht you are aboard and the crew can also remain anonymous so that they don't jeopardise their current position if they are already working aboard another yacht where they may not be happy.

Just how powerful is that system to a captain: As more crew join us it puts you within touching distance of all your staff instantly.
If the crew members are already signed up to a recruitment company they will be encouraged to stay with them and add them on registration as their partner/sponsor and the recruitment company can then still get their commissions, they can then also respond on behalf of the individual members and ensure their paperwork and availability is accurate and up to date. Recruitment companies will be encouraged to sign up their own members so that individual crew don't stray and sign up with someone else.

We also have a mail list for senior crew training and offers.


Other examples of the power of ALF the Mailman

ALF the Mailman is applicable to many different scenarios and has lots more features as well as many more on the way


Yacht Buyers:
This will be one of the most subscribed to lists as owners and new buyers can post details of what they are looking for which will go out instantly to all yacht brokers and shipbuilders. The fact that they are approved by us and can remain anonymous, will make this all the much more attractive with discretion as a key element.

New Build:
Promote your latest concepts directly to owners and push any offers on maybe collapsed deals and keep up your brand awareness showing your range.

Yacht Brokers and Central Agencies:
As soon as you sign a new C/A you can instantly reach the world prior to posting on MLS websites possibly saving you hours of work as you generate immediate interest and reach out to the new generation of yacht owners.

Boat Shows:
Offer you stand space and reach out to the whole industry; you would be one of the only groups that would have access and the power to market to every list to promote any of the leading yacht boat shows. Look out for our boat show reviews and pictures from shows which will be listed in our global Boat Show Calendar. Starting with the 1st show of the year here in the UK Boatlife

Yacht Entertainment and Events and Events Management.
Post your events and local shows for all appropriate clients to see reaching out to new clients.

Yacht Toys and Tenders
Promote to owners and captains your latest offers and deals on toys and tenders, giving you a new route market.

Yacht Owners:
Keep in direct contact with other owner and choose to remain anonymous if you wish which would enable you to ask questions and also do deals direct.

Crew Training:
If you offer crew training you can promote your training services and programmes to all senior crew who have subscribed, we also encourage you to sign up your own members before the join with another partner/mentor.

Yacht & Fleet Management:
What better way to offer your services then having the ability to contact owners directly and offer your services. There are also tools to connect you with your crew and captains and manage your fleet.

Slips and moorings can be hard to come by, using ALF the Mailman you can instantly notify all the owner subscribers that a mooring is available, saving you time and money in advertising.

Finance and Insurance:
Promote your latest offers and deals direct to owners and brokers, ALF the Mailman puts you in direct contact with all your potential clients.

Equipment and Maintenance, Radar and Navigation equipment:
Push your products and services directly to owners and captains, giving you a unique new way to directly market to only interested buyers instantly.

Yacht Furnishings:
Showcase your art and goods to owners and shipbuilders to use in their construction and boat & yacht refits.

Sailing Yachts and Racing Yachts:
A special mail list for all involved with sailing yachts, this list will be managed by companies involved in this sector by way of democratic voting of allowed members.

Delivery Skipper/Captain
This mail list is perfect for last minute notifications to get hold of a delivery skipper for your yacht to be moved to a specific location


  • CRM to keep track of your customers and build a contact database.
  • All replies to your newsletters posted are also archived on the site and also searchable so you can look back at any time.
  • Post to a greater number of subscribers than your own lists (subject to signups) and possibly your competitors as well.
  • Brokers, sign up your own clients to your group and it keeps you in control and helps to ensure you don't lose any commissions.
  • All publishers can sign up clients to their own branded group and offer them discounted and some complimentary accounts.
  • YACHT SOCIAL which is similar to Facebook but without all the red tape and only for industry professionals and owners, chat and build a gallery, create your own groups, promote events to the industry.
  • Emails can also be sent as a txt message, putting you instantly in touch with the industry, so the more join the better and more powerful it will be.
  • Broadcast emails can go out branded with your company logo and contact details, just fill out the from and add your info and images.
  • Sign up your clients before they join alone or with someone else, when they sign in, they will be directed to your branded home page with your latest offers and ads.
  • Make and send yacht and other full colour brochures and broker friendly brochures as a .PDF file unbranded or branded.
  • All your posts are archived (unless you choose to disallow) online for extra exposure and for anyone who may have missed the mail.
  • Earn a commission on your clients who join or by inviting other publishers.
  • Crew, create an online CV to send out directly to captains
  • captains, Manage your crew and documents, consolidate documents into one place where it can also be viewed onshore
  • Manage Provisioning and place orders directly when you add suppliers
  • Setup emergency plans and SOLAS.
  • Charter Income reports
  • Recruitment for Brokers as well as captains and crew
  • Archived posts of all types can be edited by the article owner.
  • Automatic NDA signed with us when you join so your know your data and info is safe.
  • You can do B2B and B2C
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum accounts to best suit your business.
  • Taking on a new boat, get the owner to complete the form which asks for all the necessary boat details so nothing is missed, this is then archived for you.
  • Marinas list your berths available and join national and global lists that users can search for slips and moorings.
  • Panic Button: this feature allows charter guests, sailors, crew and captains to have a single button to press in an emergency and it will instantly send out emails to as many people who you choose to inform, that you may need rapid assistance.
  • Create and email invoices.
  • MLS post your latest boats to the list and reach new audiences faster.
  • Media: Have press release? send one email and it is distributed privately to all media outlet subscribers.
  • Charter Agents, have your clients complete guest forms bespoke for you to save time collecting details for the APA.
  • Special Stealth mode section of the website lets both parties remain anonymous until such time you wish to disclose.
  • Boat and Yacht clubs, sign up to add your members as guest to your account so they will see your page when they log in.
  • 24/7 support via a ticketing system.
  • Telephone support and personal concierge for platinum members.
  • Manage and reply online or without even logging in.
  • Prime advertising spots available on the site and in the newsletters.
  • Interconnect your branches.
  • File upload and document exchange service.
  • Charter availability calendar.
  • Disabled Sailors, promote special services and assistance.
  • Platinum members can email to a special email address without the need to log into the site
  • Inland waterway, marinas, boats and narrowboats
  • Personal emails available for discretion.
  • Platinum members can have all their date removed from the online website for security and they will just be allocated a unique reference number
  • Organise your equipment database and spare part inventory.
  • All Subscribers have to be validated and owners have to be confirmed by a broker, so publishers know we have a genuine list.
  • Crew have to prove themselves by uploading ID and valid certificates.
  • * It will all be live on the app as well very soon for even more options.
  • Lots more exciting features in the pipeline to come over the next 12 months.
Superyacht Mailman