Alf the Mailman Bronze Plan

Bronze Plan

Bronze Plan

  • A good starter plan, includes all features of the Free Plan
  • Suitable for someone with a small family or group of friends
  • Build up your online diary and gallery to leave for your family and friends to see when you are gone
  • Connect safely with all your family and friends using ALF's social media software
  • The Price is Per year

If you have a very small family, then 20 emails in the Free Plan can soon run out, so our Bronze Plan which is low cost, gives you more than double the amount of messages so you can send many more special messages to your loves ones for when you are no longer with us in the land of the living.

Your messages will boost the spirits of your loved ones and can empower your own children if you have them, by telling them of your experiences in life.

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Duration: 365 days
Price: £9.95