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About Alf The Mailman

Specifically, for the high end luxury markets, Alf is a very simple way of connecting people with things that they want or things they are searching for, it's fast, it's instant and it's anonymous.

Use ALF in conjunction with Superyacht Connections at for best results to maximise exposure

For Users (Recipients)

It is the perfect platform to subscribe to as many channels as you desire without the need to provide companies with your personal details so your personal data is secure, and you can remain anonymous. Drop in an out of channels at your leisure and you are guaranteed to only get the information that you are interested in.

For Companies (Providers)

ALF is the ultimate perfect solution for your digital marketing, using the logistical power of ALF you can deliver your sales and marketing messages direct to clients who are actively interested in your products & services and have subscribed to channels that you support. You also have the option to manage and take control of your own clients' accounts so that you don't miss out on commissions with clients approaching competitors directly.



A user would first register and setup their account, once verified and depending what level of account they have chosen, they can then choose to subscribe to channels that will be of interest to them. They can subscribe to as many channels as they choose and by remaining anonymous, they don't have to provide any details to any of the companies who are providers.

Let's say the user is looking to purchase a yacht, a villa in Spain or a Private jet, he would subscribe to the following lists for example:
Motoryachts for sale (€250,000 - €5m), or maybe Mallorca Real Estate €3m+
It's just a simple click to join..

A company who then has yacht(s) for sale in the price range of €250,000 - €5m or a Real Estate Agent who maybe has a new property come on priced over €3m can, using their bespoke designed forms on ALF, they can then market to this channel with their products/services. They can put as little or as much detail as they like, and it can be branded or unbranded. VIP clients can market directly without the need to log into ALF.

User benefits:

  • The user only receives pertinent information very specific to what he is interested in.
  • Can drop in and out of channels at their leisure without questions or surveys.
  • No spam or unsolicited emails.
  • Option to remain anonymous.
  • No need to provide personal details to lots of companies risking a data breach.
  • VIP client details are stored offline totally secure.
  • Fast and efficient service and no need to login all time.
  • Option to receive all your messages as a digest, daily or weekly, you have full control.


Company Benefits:

  • You are sending marketing messages directly & instantly to users have specifically subscribed and expressed an interest.
  • Messages can go instantly, daily or weekly by app, email and text
  • The recommended option to invite and setup user accounts for your clients so that you don't lose valuable commission (co-brokerage for example).
  • You will be marketing to not only your own clients but your competitors.
  • You can also sign up as a user to monitor competitor channels while still remaining anonymous.
  • 3 strike policy, if a company was to market to a channel with information that is not pertinent, they will be warned and the permanently removed from the site.
  • It's no longer a numbers game, even if the channel you market to only has say 100 subscribers, that is 100 people who are 100% interested.

Superyacht Magazine will be providing stats and trends from the marketing information gathered from Alf The Mailman the new superyacht marketing interface. Companies will get complimentary ads and features in the magazine to further feature and upsell their products along with features on our flagship site at

ALF has the power to connect you to the whole of your industry instantly or all of the interested clients, the power to connect thousands in an instant, by email, app & text, this makes ALF one very powerful tool


Real Estate

Real Estate

If you are in Real Estate, then ALF is the perfect marketing tool for your business, allowing you to connect directly with potential buyers who are looking for specific properties in Specific areas. Totally unique and managed subscribers to channels that you can market to on a daily basis.



ALF has been designed specifically for the luxury markets, if you are a shipbuilder or yacht broker, you now have this unique opportunity to market to exisiting and new clients instantly and directly, with pertinent information that they have chosen to receive.
With special VIP accounts available for select companies and clients, you can take your marketing to another level safe in the knowledge that everyones data is verified and secure. Dont miss the chance to sign your clients to your account before your competitor does.

Take aways and fast food restaurants

Private Jets

Purpose built for jet sales and charters, gives user access to instant availability, empty legs and jets that are new to the market or off market. Anonymous communications between each other means you can keep things discreet as you choose.


Senior Staff Recruitment

Captains, Imagine having direct access to crew who are available instantly and directly though ALF, no more need to worry when a member is taken ill just before a charter, get an instant replacement.... Recuitment companies, signup your members and manage their accounts and crew can also sign up directly to get the latest vacancies instantly from all agencies.

Relax now, with all your extra free time..

"instant and simple information delivery of just what you want"