About ALF the Mailman Ltd


ALF was actually something we thought of way back in 2004, other projects took precedence over it and it was just on the back burner for many years. We started webdesign in 1994 as the very first dedicated webdesign company in the UK and over the years we have developed and built thousands of websites, we also pioneered SEO and online Marketing from 1996 onwards, even coining the phrase. In 2016 we made in-roads into the yachting industry coming from a family of sailors and have developed leading luxury portal websites for the marine, real estate and private jet industries plus a diploma in yacht brokerage.

With an employed team of 9 staff and our main office located in Southampton we are now fully focused on making ALF a premium broadcast marketing software for the luxury industries.

With our knowledge and background we are one of a few select people who could actually make this happen, and using all the latest technologies available, our marine & sailing knowledge, marketing expertise, we have programmed and assembled a unique piece of exciting online software to assist you in driving new business, monitoring progress and connecting you directly with the whole industry with rapid deployment of emails, txt and App.