Send your Family & Friends Emails, Letters & Gifts with ALF to arrive in the future..!

We shall then deliver them annually for up to 25+ years "after you have passed away".

  • You choose the dates in the future when we deliver everything
  • We work to track and trace in case people have moved and are not in your ALF network of friends
  • Bring a smile of joy to your loved ones every year, and for years to come when you are no longer around
  • The Delayed Postal Service that only delivers in the distant future
  • Ideal for Birthday's, Anniversary, Christmas and any Special Occasions or even just to remind them of you

Join now & connect your family

We Make it Happen



Write an email or letter or even purchase a gift, save it to your account and that's it..! It's now ready to be delivered in the future to your loved ones, family & friends.



A minimum of 1 year after you have passed away, your account activates and we prepare to start delivering your items on your chosen dates to your friends & family.



We begin to deliver your things to your loves ones, with your chosen executor just assisting if required, to track and trace people, we do encourage them to join ALF so we have them on record.



Years after you have passed away, your loved ones have happy faces again as they start to receive each year all the letter and gifts you have sent to them, imagine how happy they will be!


This gift was given by a care worker, you can leave behind or send your own gifts to your loved ones using ALF

With ALF you can leave your own personal gifts from home and we will deliver them many years later, you decide when..